Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall decor on the patio

Hi all,  I was supposed to share the fall living room reveal and broke a picture frame that is displaying a wonderful part of the room ... so ... I am looking for something similar to replace it??  So instead for now let me show you the one side of the patio that I have devoted to all FALL.

I'm behind a lot of you as far as my timing of decorating for fall outdoors.  I haven't even put up a wreath or any kind of decor on the front door.  Just by adding  a pumpkin, old birdhouse that I made years ago and my first HOMEMADE CHALKPAINT project from 2012 ... a watering can, small hay bale and the old wooden bench ... fall has come to the patio!!  The french blue and pumpkin orange are brilliant fall colors and beautiful together.

I love the two toned mums and they bring some much needed color to the dull cement patio.

I am absolutely in love with orange ... pumpkin orange this season!

I decided to add the MUM's from 2 years ago ... I keep the new mums each year and replant them in a separate container and it hasn't opened up yet but when it does it will be the bright purple from 2012. 
 Enjoy your week dear readers.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Outside the french door at Creative Ideas ... cottage style

Hope your Sunday is as pleasant as it is here.  The past three days have just been the epitome of perfect fall weather.  Sharing today just a little of the view from my french doors onto the little yard in front of the patio.  Again I don't do too much but have to show you some beautiful little MUMS that I found at Walmart.

Fall can be PINK too!!  :)

I have never seen this color before in a MUM.

They are the mini size and at $1.97 for the 6inch pot size ... well ya just got to bring some home!

I put them in a ornamental metal bike that I picked up last fall at The Christmas Tree Shop when it was on clearance and I had an extra $10 coupon that I got to use ...
I always have really good luck with MUMS as far as them coming back the next year so for now they will stay in the pot and in the basket and I will re-pot them next spring in a more permanent place so they will flourish.

I got a little potting soil on some of the flowers but even then ... they are just too stinking cute!!

I tried to give this metal bike away last year to my sister and she didn't have room in her SUV that day so I am glad that it still is here and I think I'm going to keep it.  :)

I'm supposed to share the living room tomorrow but I broke something and will have to postpone the reveal by a day?????
Don't you hate when that happens.  So I will share the patio or half of it I should say tomorrow.  But all is good and always feel blessed dear readers ... always feel blessed.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall living room sneek peek!

What a wonderful and warm fall day in Carolina ... it's been a little chilly here and today the sun is shining and in the mid to high 70's ... it's a perfect Fall Day!  Sharing today a sneek peek at some of the fabrics and colors that will be in the living room this season.

I shopped my house for my fall decor and even found a couple of Ralph Lauren throw pillows that were in some containers that I haven't looked in at least 3 years!!  Will be sharing those at the final reveal of the fall living room.

You'll remember the french scripts pillows ... I've used them before in the living room.

There are textured fabrics and gingham and wool and ....

Be sure to come back Monday for the reveal ... OK? ... have a wonderful Saturday and an enriched Sunday.
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Friday, September 26, 2014

Autumn Fireplace

Never thought I would like the pumpkin colored orange but this year it is a focal point in my decor in the living room.  The warm and toasty touches of this seasonal color has enlivened the ambiance.  I don't do a lot so this is really a simple display but I think it get's the point across that I am welcoming fall into my home.

 Starting the fireplace display off with an old lamp that is the exact color of the fireplace ...? Just noticed that :)  you don't see too many fireplaces with lamps but I think they add much needed light to my somewhat dark brick wall.  I am just using one though.

On the other end I've added one of my black lanterns and a pop of orange with a pillar candle that you can find the perfect "pumpkin shade of orange" at The Christmas Tree Shop.

The star is the one I used outdoors at Christmas last year  ... also from The Christmas Tree Shop.  I spray painted it white because it was originally silver.  The wooden box filled with faux leaves, ivy and hydrangea are from my floral stash.

I will be using lamps or a lamp all the time at the fireplace because the brick wall makes that area so dark but I love it!!  Adds such character don't ya think?

Well ... told you it was a very simple put together type of display ... but it is so me.
Well I better get busy trying to get things sorted for the community yard sale Saturday.  I hope to get rid of a lot of things that I don't have room for.
Enjoy your weekend dear readers! 

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