Sunday, October 26, 2014

Chic and Shabby Bedroom ... sneek peek!

It's got to be either black or white for me y'all ... I've always had black and white furnishings in my home.  I seriously have tried to add other colors and other styles into my decor but have never been happy with it for very long ... long being two weeks at the most.  My poor bedroom furniture has been several different colors.  When I first bought my cottage style bed it was "Cottage White" then I painted in Black then it was a cottage aqua pale greenish blue like color.  Then I painted it white then brown and now I've gone back to ...
Coming this week at Creative Ideas ... cottage style.   My Chic and Shabby bedroom.

I like a little bit of "Chic" added to the bedroom decor with a few touches of elegance in some of the accessories.

Little bit of sparkle here and little bit there ...

Each little facet on my lamps reflect different hues of color when the sunlight finds it's way thru the window.  I hope to get a photo of that to show you as these were taken at night.  I can't wait to share this beautiful yet simple "Chic and Shabby" oasis that I call my bedroom.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Best Homemade Honey-Mustard Sauce!!

My choice of dipping sauce for my grilled or baked chicken is Honey Mustard Sauce.  Now ... I'm not talking about the sauce you buy in the store or get at the fast food places ... no,  I'm talking homemade!  It is so easy to make and much healthier.

It tastes so much better than store bought and like I said it is so much healthier too.

Made with two simple ingredients you probably already have in your pantry ... Dijon mustard and honey.

For this recipe you'll need 1/2 cup Dijon mustard and 1/2 cup honey.  That's it!!  I like dark honey and the color of your final sauce will vary based on the color of honey you use.  I like the Great Value brand of Dijon mustard and dark local honey.  I think you'll agree that it's quite delicious.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Living Room

With the "just right" fall temperatures here in North Carolina,  I'm sorry to see the weekend come to a close.  It's been absolutely wonderful lately and the temperature is to hold steady for the upcoming week.  While I was working on the living room decor ... I broke the glass to a frame that was going to house a beautiful printable that I found at Silver Pennies.  I have yet to find just the right replacement for that free printable so I will not be showing the entire living room.

While not a whole lot is in the room the use of the vivid fall colors bring the room alive!

I kept my painted pumpkins in the platter and placed a large black lantern with an aromatic "pumpkin" scented candle over a table runner that matches the gingham curtains in the room.

Shopped the house for seasonal throw pillows.

Still use the wrought iron clock behind the sofa but it is now sporting a new shade of black instead of brown.

I made a new shade for the lamp... or I should say I recovered it with a small checked fabric.  I accidentally deleted the photos for the tutorial of how I made them but maybe will redo them in the future and be more careful as not to make that mistake in the future.

And see that ugly hole in the wall that is somewhat disguised by some lovely black gingham curtains?  I dislike that part of the living room very much to say the least.

Someday I will paint the matching end tables that go with the coffee table ...

Have a great start to your work week dear readers. See you again soon.
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Monday, October 13, 2014

Help me choose ...

I think I've told you that sometimes I will have several projects going at one time ... well it's the truth! I need your help and hope that you will let me know which one of these you like best?  It's for a project in the master bedroom.

 This is #1


and finally #3

Now ... please help me decide ok ...

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